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9 & 10 Nov 2020

NEC, Birmingham


The Employment Related Services Association (ERSA) is the national membership body campaigning for more and better services for the UK’s jobseekers and low earners. Nearly 80% of our members are not for profit. We have charities, local authorities, housing associations, social enterprises, funding bodies and private sector organisations all in membership. We have two types of membership, Full Membership for those organisations delivering employment support services directly to job seekers, it doesn’t really matter where the funding to do that comes from and then Associate members are organisations that have an interest in marketing services and products to the sector. The key distinction in terms of benefits between Full and Associate membership is that Associate members cannot stand for the ERSA board otherwise all benefits are the same.

We exist to serve our members and to make sure they have the knowledge, networks and voice to deliver great services.

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